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Welcome Daitomic! The future of RegTech AI is already here

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Daitomic testifies already in its name what it was created to do. This innovative, cloud-based and scalable solution exploits the power of Artificial IntelligenceAI – to factor in legal atoms any regulation on interest, structuring legal data and offering them the compliance professionals.

This system enables companies to reduce risks of penalties, also cutting costs while increasing reliability and quickness of compliance operations. In a word, this solution allows to save time to spend in human-centric and value-added activities. Wondering how?

Thanks to a standard structured index and to its custom proprietary models, which natively support 26 different languages, Daitomic offers an interactive and intelligent legal inventory, automatically updated in real time, for a global regulatory coverage. That’s not all. The platform is wholly customizable and – most important – provides user with an advanced law versioning, also extracting regulatory obligations based on personalized settings.

Exploiting these capabilities – and many others – Daitomic optimizes the regulatory intelligence sector workflows. This is why we are really proud of launching this product, which aims to provide a standard method to access any regulation, allowing users to navigate within complex text structures in a few clicks and to consult any rule of interest.

Starting from today, the future of RegTech AI for compliance operations has become its present.

Daitomic is an Aptus.AI company solution