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Daitomic exploits the power of Artificial Intelligence to help compliance professionals in their daily operations. This solution ensures a practical workflow optimization, offering a standard interactive legal inventory, which is updated in real time and wholly customizable, based on the latest changes in any needed regulatory compliance field.
Daitomic enables companies to reduce the risk of penalties, also helping absorb regulatory costs while increasing reliability and quickness of compliance workflows. In a word, this solution allows to save time to spend in human-centric and value-added activities.


Daitomic is an adapting Artificial Intelligence solution which aims to provide a standard method to access any regulation, allowing users to navigate within complex text structures in a few clicks and to consult any rule of interest.
Daitomic was created, designed - and is being constantly developed - with the purpose of enabling anyone in the world to look into any regulation and allow each person to access the laws which regulate his life, in every respect - government, work, healthcare, sport and any other field.

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