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Daitomic is the Aptus.AI solution dedicated to the RegTech market and it represents the most important success case of the company. Aptus.AI was founded in 2018 by Andrea Tesei (CEO) and Lorenzo De Mattei (CTO) as an innovative Italian AI startup, aiming to exploit Artificial Intelligence to make any textual document digitally navigable and easily manageable for professional users, at first, and then for anyone in the world.


This will of the company soon encountered the expertise of Gabriele Mazza, who is now the Daitomic Product Advisor. He supported the Aptus.AI team in applying its technologies and concepts to regulatory intelligence, specifically to banking regulations and financial regulatory compliance. Thanks to the talent and the strict commitment of the team, the Daitomic prototype was already available at the beginning of 2019.


The developed solution has immediately reflected the original intentions: creating a product to enhance professionals’ skills in this sector, thanks to a human-centric AI that allows people save time for strategic value-added activities.
During 2020, Daitomic prototype has been consolidated, exploiting different pilot projects made in collaboration with important banks and business partners. That is how Daitomic got here, to a complete product development roadmap, which now has come to the 2021 official product launch.

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Daitomic is an Aptus.AI company solution
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