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The wait is over: welcome Daitomic, the AI revolution in financial compliance

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An AI to extract atomic data from banking regulations: introducing Daitomic

We’ve been working hard on it in these years, and even harder in recent months. This is why it is difficult to find the right words to describe Daitomic and introduce it to all of you. For those who follow us, maybe, this name is not new. Maybe they already know what Daitomic is and how much work we’ve spent on it. Perhaps someone was even waiting for this moment, just like us. Anyway, here we are: Daitomic is finally live and available for anyone to try it. You are just a click away to take part in the revolution in financial compliance. And this is just a first step, but let’s stay focused on Daitomic.

And let’s try to describe it. Daitomic is the interactive platform which puts Artificial Intelligence at the service of banking compliance management. More: it exploits AI to automatically extract atomic information from Italian and European banking regulatory textual data - this is why it is called Daitomic. It integrates cutting-edge AI technologies with an homogeneous legal standard to create a machine readable version of banking regulations, thus offering streamlined impact analysis and regulatory trends recognition. Therefore Daitomic allows compliance professionals to work better and avoid tedious operations, thus saving their precious time for human-centric value-added activities. And also letting financial institutions reduce costs for compliance and risks of penalties.

Why financial compliance and who is on our way

“Why should an innovative Italian startup care about that?”. You have a point. Well, the reason is that financial compliance is one of the most affected sectors by lack of knowledge sharing and responsiveness in staying up to date with regulatory changes and updates. It’s not the only one, but surely this sector is the most damaged by the lack of a machine readable documents format, the slowness of processes and absence of effectively usable information.

The RegOps one is also a field which can be helped by technological solutions - such as our AI platform - to stop being seen just as a bureaucratic area and a blocker for other departments. To stop being not efficient - mostly in terms of collaboration with other company structures - and also being always late in respect of its goals. Daitomic is the RegTech product that will revolutionize all of this. It is a solution that will become indispensable in the very next future - to be convinced, just take a look at the latest reports on this topic by the European Commission, the European Banking Authority, the Bank of England, BankIT and so on.

Daitomic’s innovative features and unique skills

Anyway, we were introducing Daitomic, right? So let’s talk about it. One possible approach - maybe the clearest - is to talk about its features. Here they are:

  • Machine readable regulations electronic version creation
  • Real-time automatic regulatory updates notifications
  • Financial regulatory trends recognition
  • Law smart navigation and versioning
  • Regulatory updates automated analysis
  • Automatic regulatory requirements and obligations extraction
  • Personalized alerts system and organizations setting

Besides, Daitomic is based on custom proprietary models and a structured index, it natively supports 26 languages, and more. Unfortunately this is just a post to tell the world that Daitomic is available, so, if you want to learn more about these features, just book a demo: we’ll be very happy to talk with you!

The Daitomic’s machine readable format, for unprecedented opportunities

Finally, the time has come to tell you why you should try Daitomic - and never leave it. First, it ensures more quickness and accuracy in compliance tasks, by providing law smart navigation and versioning, together with custom and interactive legal inventory. Daitomic makes also easier the coordination between different departments and optimizes their workflows, thanks to the organizations management. It helps financial institutions have more chances to avoid penalties and keep a high company reputation, by having the possibility to stay up to date with regulatory changes, exploiting automatic real-time updates and a custom alerts system. At last, but not at least, Daitomic gives the opportunity to anticipate financial regulatory trends, by getting insights about the future of the banking market with the automatic regulatory obligations and related penalties extraction, both on current and draft legal documents. And all of these capabilities are based on the machine readable electronic version of financial regulations created by its proprietary AI engines. Daitomic is the first chance for banking compliance to predict the impact of regulatory updates on business, and so to become a strategic and proactive segment within financial institutions. Still not convinced? Well, maybe this job isn’t for you.

Daitomic is an Aptus.AI company solution